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Elements Consulting was developed from a desire to help teams work effectively to accomplish their organizational goals. Throughout my professional life, I have been intrigued by what makes a team "tick." Having worked in both the public and private sector, I have developed insight into the multiple elements needed for teams to effectively work together. Leveraging current research and through my own experiential learning, I have created training that is relevant, impactful, and immediately applicable to the teams I serve.​

I believe that if teams can be intentional around their professional relationships and the actions they take to achieve success, then an organization will find more success in the goals they have desired to accomplish.


To keep relevant, I use the research I have conducted throughout my Doctoral program to create a training series around multiple leadership styles and theories. ​I am also working with teams every day which allows me to be learning day in and day out. 

I would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about any challenges you may be experiencing with your team ~ or, if you are looking for new ways to develop your team, I would welcome the discussion. 

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About Elements Consulting
Training Topics

The element of trust

How important is it that you have trust with those you work with? Just like our personal relationships, trust is at the foundation of how we interact with those in our personal and professional circles. In this training, we will discuss the elements of trust and how you can repair trust within your team if it has been broken. 

This course can be delivered in a half or full day training. 

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Teams

Personality conflicts can have a devestating impact on a team. This training is designed to identify the unique personalities of those on your team along with identifying ways to effectively overcome team dynamics like conflict, communication, difficulty with change, and trust. 

This course can be delivered in half or full day sessions. 

Servant Leadership and Teams

This training explores Servant Leadership through the lens of team effectiveness. Individual application of servant leadership methodology will also be covered to demonstrate the power servant leadership can have in your personal relationships.


This course can be delivered in both half and full day trainings.  

Using accountability to drive success

Accountability is one of those skills that we know is important, yet we don't often spend time learning how to hold those in our charge accountable. This training will provide a framework for making accountability a positive element of your team. Additionally, we will discuss how we get to the most effective level of accountability - peer to peer accountability. 

This course can be delivered in both half day and full day sessions. 

Leveraging our viewpoint

Could how you view a situation or an action determine how you interact with someone? In this class, we discuss the power and impact our assumptions, perceptions, and expectations have in the professional environment. 

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

In this interactive training, learners will have the opportunity to explore how they make decisions. We will discuss barreries that may be present and will discuss opportunities to grow in how we make critical decisions in the workplace. 

This course can be delivered in a half or full day training. 

Managing Change and Conflict in Teams

Change is happening to us everyday. In the workplace, there is an expectation that our teams adapt and work with change on a regular basis. However, many teams find they struggle to adapt with change. This course is designed to inform learners on the phases we all experience through a change process. We will also dicuss ways that we can implement change practices to ensure success for our teams. 

This course can be delivered in a half or full day training. 

Influence and Team Dynamics

This training is designed to highlight the influence we have with those we interact with. Like so many other elements, it is important to understand how our influence can shape the relationships we have in the workplace. 

This course can be delivered in a half or full day training. 

Emotional Intelligence and Teams

Emotional Intelligence has proven to be a critical element in team success. This training will provide an overview of Emotional Intelligence and learners will interact with the content to identify ways they can develop a sense of their own emotional intelligence. We will also cover how we can overcome that hurdle of knowing how to interact with others to actually applying what we know to our relationships. 

This training can be provided in a half or full day training. 

Customized Training

Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact me to discuss creating a custom training for your team. 

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